Our classes are determined by brackets based on the elapsed time (ET) it takes a vehicle to travel our 300ft track. Vehicles must meet the safety rules for the class they will be competing in.  In some cases that may present problems, since you may not know what class you will be competing in when you register.  Therefore, racers may be asked to have their vehicles re-inspected once they have done several time trials to make sure the meet safety requirements of the class they are going to compete in.

Bracket racing also known as handicapped racing is when a person must pick the ET time they feel there vehicle will run. Once stage the person with the higher ET will get a head start based on the difference the two ETsí. For example If one ET 6 seconds and the other was 7 second, then the vehicle dialed in at 7 seconds would get a 1 second head start.†

Eliminations will be run similar to NHRA rules.  NEORVCA recognizes that the ideal situation in any drag race is to determine one winner and one loser.†† For more information see the Racing Procedures and Rules page of this website.