Every year we run Points races to determine the overall standings of each of the competitors running in our classes. The points are tabulated as follows for each race.

            2 points for competing that particular day

           2 points for each win in the “winning lane” till we get to the final four

            1 point for each win the “losings lane ”  till we get to the final four

            In the finals

                        6 points for first

                        5 for second

                        4 for third

                        3 for fourth


At the end of the year we hold a “Point’s” banquet where we honor the top four competitors for each of the adult classes. The top 10 competitors in the Juniors class provided they competed in over ½ the races that season as well as those Peewees that have done the same.  We present those competitors with a trophy with their name on it signifying their achievement.  The first place winners also receive a championship jack with their name number and class embroidered on the front.  On the back of the jacket the embroidery lets people know they the year they were the points champion.  


Points will be given to a combination made up of vehicle/driver number.  Only one of the following substitutions can be made.

1.     A substitute driver may be used to accumulate points for someone else.  The substitute driver must register using the number of the person he is substituting for and he must use the vehicle normally used by the number.  All other competition rules apply.


2.     A  driver may substitute a different vehicle if:

a.     The vehicle meets the rules of the class

b.     The driver begins eliminations with the vehicle (see Competition rules).