1.     4-Wheel Drive Definition – Vehicle shall be equipped with an automotive type front and rear axle housing with each unit containing a ring and pinion gear, axles and carrier.  Each axle must have a drive shaft capable of propelling the vehicle with the front and rear end.  Front and rear axles must be locked in at all times during the competition unless a break of either the front or rear end occurs during the event.

2.     Two wheel drive vehicles will be allowed to compete, providing they meet the safety rule for that class and have tire suitable for racing in the sand.

3.     A vehicle can only compete in one class.


Divisions and Classes


2X4 - 4x4 Divisions

1.     Street Class:

1.     Limited to dot, cut dot and paddle tires. No hooker, super scoopers, or bigger diggers allowed.

2.     Dial-in 5.0 or slower.


2.     Top Class:

1.     Dial-in 5.39 or quicker


ATV Divisions

1.     Trail Class :

1.     ATV's running 5.70 or slower.


2.     Top Class :

1.      ATV's running 5.69 seconds or quicker.


1.     Juniors:

1.     Must be 8-14 years old.

2.     Cannot run quicker than 7.0 seconds.


2.      Peewees

1.     Limited to new racers aged 4-6 years old

2.     Racers in this age group must compete a minimum of two seasons in this class before moving up to the Junior's class

3.     Staging assistance is permitted

4.     Bikes are limited to 110cc max

5.     Times are limited to 10.00 seconds and slower