After reviewing the governor's plans for reopening the state, relative to outdoor events, we feel like we should be able to start racing on the weekend of May 15&16 as scheduled. We have secured this yearís Insurance and are waiting for the Fire Marshal's office to inspect the track.

To meet the State regulations all attendees must meet the follow guidelines.

1.                 Any that feels sick or has Covid-19 like symptoms, must stay home and not attend the event.

2.                 When entering the event, a mask must be worn by the person dealing with the gate attendant.††† We are also requiring that you have the correct amount of cash needed for all of the people traveling with you as we will not be making change, in an effort to reduce the number of times money is handled.† ($10 per person per day / under 12 free).

3.                 Once you have parked, itís recommended that, when outdoors, you wear a mask when you canít maintain 6 feet of distance between yourself and other individuals not in your household.† Household groups/travel parties are considered up to 10 people.† Masks are required when indoors.

4.                 When registering for the race, we would ask that only the racer (masked) and/or guardian (masked) if needed, approach the registration personal located at the ticket both.† Again, please have the correct amount of cash with you. $ 40 for 2 day race 1 points race (5/15-16) - $30 one day (5/30) †or $30 each day when a 2 day race has a pointís race each day(6/12- 13). †††Yearly assessment fee------$20.00 ** All racers must pay before they can register. This fee is assessed only once a year per racer. ) †People who paid their racing administration fee at the 2019 pointís banquet, those payments are carried over to this season.

5.                 For the time being, no one will be allowed in the tower so racers must be registered by 9am.

6.                 We are changing the positioning of the staging lanes for at least the May and June races so make sure you register before you move your vehicle into staging.


Hopefully the state plans will not change going forward

Letís go racing!