Sand Drags
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  1. Our classes are determined by time brackets and vehicles competing must meet the safety rules for the bracket they will be competing in.  In some cases that may present problems, since you may not know what bracket you will be competing in when you register.  Therefore, Racers may be asked to have their vehicles reinspected once they have done several time trials.
  1. Elimination’s will be run similar to NHRA rules.  NEORVCA recognizes that the ideal situation in any drag race is to determine one (1) winner and one (1) loser; thus the policy is that should both vehicles in one (1) race foul, the vehicle fouling the least will be reinstated and the other vehicle will lose.  (In final round, loser will finish second).  NEORVCA will have full responsibility in cases involving dual disqualification or electrical problems with timing devices.  In cases when competitions are called from staging to race and an individual car has a problem – the competitor will be given three (3) minutes to make it to the starting line under his own power.  A vehicle must stage under its own power.  Once two vehicles are called from staging, they are the only two vehicles that can compete in that round.  If one cannot make it to the line within 30 seconds after the first vehicle stages, the lights will run down and the first vehicle will by-run, then fall to the end of the proper lane (winners or losers).

Determining lane boundary crossing violations will be left entirely to the discretion of the NEORVCA officials.  Contact with guard railing, barriers or any other track fixtures is grounds for disqualifications.  In situations where a driver is making a single run in eliminations, he is considered the automatic winner once he stages, and receives the start.  (No time will be given on a by-run).