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  1. 4-Wheel Drive Definition Vehicle shall be equipped with an automotive type front and rear axle housing with each unit containing a ring and pinion gear, axles and carrier.  Each axle must have a drive shaft capable of propelling the vehicle with the front and rear end.  Front and rear axles must be locked in at all times during the competition unless a break of either front or rear end occur during the event.
  1. Two wheel drive vehicles will be allowed to compete, providing they meet the safety rule for that class and have tire suitable for racing in the sand.
  2. A vehicle can compete only in one class.
  3. Course boundaries will be marked with stakes or cones and the course width will be a minimum of 20 feet.  Any one touching or passing course boundaries will automatically be eliminated for that round of competition or be marked for measurement where he went out of bounds, depending on the form of competition.
  4. Anyone operating a vehicle in an event while under the influence of alcohol, or drugs legal or illegal  will automatically be disqualified.
  1. Drivers using unnecessary speed or driving recklessly may be warned or disqualified from an event.
  1. Persons warned or disqualified from an event for inappropriate conduct may be warned that a repeat of that behavior at another event will result in their exclusion, for the remainder of the year, from any event using N.E.O.R.V.C.A. rules.
  1. All complaints must be expressed in writing, and must be presented to the judges in a reasonable, controlled manner, only by the individual filing the complaint.  The driver of the vehicle is the only person who may file a complaint.