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General Info.
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 NEORVCA runs NHRAô style bracket races in double elimination format (lose twice before you are out!) at most events.  We run one and two day events, with the main event always run on Sunday.  Points in our annual points chase are issued based on Sunday attendance and results.

We will no longer allow open exhaust on any vehicle (4X4 , 2X4, ATV)  competing in our events.

  This means some form of sound restriction must be present to pass inspection.   For 4x4ís and 2X4 that means mufflers,  slip in baffles (AKA as inserts).  For ATVís that means mufflers, silencers or baffles.     We will also be monitoring the decibel readings of all vehicles competing in our events and reserve the right to disqualify those vehicles that exceed reasonable levels.  The board of directors has decided to make these changes in an effort to preserve our ability to run races at the Fairgrounds.   The other major racetracks in Maine and NH have already made these changes to their events.   We have taken this proactive action as sign of Good Faith and hope this spirit of cooperation will enable us to continue racing for a long time to come.  With that said we hope that YOU the racers will act accordingly and make the necessary changes to insure our racing future.

For now our regular one and two day races will be run for trophies:


4x4 & ATV

4x4 & ATV

  Top classes Street & Trail 
1st Trophy Trophy
2nd Trophy Trophy
3rd Trophy Trophy
4th Free registration next race Free registration next race

Payback at the Fair Race and potentially the Fall Nationals 
will be:


4x4 & ATV

4x4 & ATV

  Top Classes Street & Trail 
1st $300.00 $200.00
2nd $200.00 $150.00
3rd $100.00 $75.00
4th Free registration next race Free registration next race

Note : Fall Nationals will depend on car count.

Saturday's Schedule

Gates open at 8:00am. Registration and tech. inspection 8:30am - 10:00 am. Time trials start at 10:00 am.  In the afternoon,  different forms of competition will run.  

 Sundays Schedule

Gates open at 8am Registration and tech. inspection 8:00am - 9:30 am.  Time trials run from 9:30am-12:15pm.   Elimination's begin at 1pm..  Both 4X4's and ATV's are put into one of two classes based on drivers dial-in.  Together with the Juniors class this accounts for Five classes.  Elimination races are handicapped based on dial-in for all five classes.  Cash Prizes are awarded for first through third place in the 4X4 and ATV see table above.   Fourth place prize is free registration fee at the next race.  Juniors run for first, second and third place trophies.   

During Eliminations we divide up the staging lanes  into two lanes of competitors for each class.  A lane for those with no losses( Lane A - Winners) and a lane for those with one loss( Lane B).  This is done to support our double elimination format.   In the first round, everyone racing is consider to be in Lane A (no losses) for each class.  The separation begins with  the results of round one.    Subsequent round's are run across this class / lane combination.  Lane A competitors return to that lane provide they continue winning.  After one loss competitors move to lane B where they compete until their  second loss, at which point they are done for the day.      Each round is run Lane B then Lane A for each class until we are down to 2 vehicles in each lane.  The Semi final rounds are a run similarly.  The loser of this round in Lane B gets 4th place honors for the class.  The winner comes back around to Lane B and waits.  The winner of this round in Lane A gets 1st place for the class.  The loser of lane A goes back around to lane B to a waiting competitor.  The final round is run out of Lane B to determine 2nd and 3rd place. The 2nd place honors go to the winner of this round, while the loser gets 3rd place. While this format seems complicated, it really isn't.  More importantly our racers enjoy the second chance option that double elimination provides.  You can lose first round and still get 2nd place.

Non-points shows will vary in format due to site and time constraints.  In the off season, NEORVCA runs other events which may include hill climbs, snowmobile drag races, etc.