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Our classes are determined by time brackets and vehicles competing must meet the safety rules for the bracket they will be competing in.  In some cases that may present problems, since you may not know what bracket you will be competing in when you register.  Therefore, Racers may be asked to have their vehicles reinspected once they have done several time trials.

Elimination’s will be run similar to NHRA rules.  NEORVCA recognizes that the ideal situation in any drag race is to determine one (1) winner and one (1) loser.

Determining lane boundary crossing violations will be left entirely to the discretion of the NEORVCA officials.  Contact with guard railing, barriers or any other track fixtures is grounds for disqualifications.  


1)      The line-up will be frozen once the drivers meeting begins.  If competitors are not in line they must when the meeting begins they will line up at the end of the class and will not be eligible for a round one Bye-run.

2)      Bye runs will be determined by a flip of a coin at the drivers meeting.  The first coin toss will determine if the bye run will be in the front or back of the line-up per class.  The second coin toss will determine which lane of a class (left or right) will get first round:

(a)    bye’s runs if needed.

(b)   lane choice .

3)      If a vehicle drops out elimination before the first round begins, the line-up will be alter to reflect the change.  Once a round one begins, if a vehicle drops out of the race,  it’s position will be maintained in the running order and ladder.  Meaning it will stay in the line up until it receives two losses.  The vehicle it should have run will NOT be charged with a bye run.

4)      During eliminations you may not change drivers.  The person who drives in round one must complete the race.  If a driver is not able to complete a race it will be treated the same as a loss and the vehicle position will be maintained in the running order and ladder.

5)      During eliminations you may not change vehicles.  No vehicle substitutions allowed after round one of eliminations. 

6)      Once called from staging a competitor has 3 minutes to get to the staging area.  Crew members can help to get the vehicle going. 

7)      Once a competitor is under the control of the starter in the starting area. 

i)        Once called to stage the competitors must pre-stage within 30 seconds.

ii)      No one is allowed to help the driver. If he cannot stage the car in the allotted time frame then he will be charged with a loss. Competitors are not allowed to delay the race. 

iii)     If the race is delayed by the officials:

(a)    If the cars are staged they must be moved out and re-staged.

(b)   If the cars are shut down and one of them has problems re-firing, the 3 minute rule applies (6.).

8)      For by-runs, the vehicle needs to stage under its own power. Once he stages, and receives the start the vehicle will automatically win even if he never leaves the starting line. Also see 9.a.i.1 .  (ET times may or may not  be given on a by-run,  re-runs will not be given).

9)      Race Results:

a)      Both vehicles cross the finish line under normal conditions: 

i)        The first person to cross finish line without an infraction wins. Infractions are listed in order from worst to least; the worst infraction will take precedence.

(1)   Crossing the center line or hitting the guard rail is automatic loss.  This applies to by-runs as well.  This is the one and only infraction that will cause a by-run to count as a loss.

(2)   The first vehicle to red-light loses.

(3)   Breakout loses

(a)  Double break out, the vehicle that break’s out the most loses. The one that breaks out the least wins.


ii)      NOTE: If for some reason a vehicle stalls or breaks during the race and the driver is able to do one of the following without help,  the above rules (9.a.i) still apply;  

(a)    Re-fire the vehicle

(b)   Push the vehicle across the finish line.

b)      Two vehicles start the race but neither can cross the finish line.

(1)   Infraction rules 9.a.i. 1 & 2 still apply.

(2)   If neither vehicle has an infraction the one with a better reaction time will be declared the winner.