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  1. All racers must wear long sleeve shirts & long pant
  1. All racers must have a DOT approved helmet with eye protection.

      A.  Face shield, goggles or safety glasses are acceptable

      B.  Regular sunglasses are not approved.

  1. All ATVís must be equipped with a tether switch.
  1. All machines must have working brakes
  1. All ATVís must be in safe running condition.  Tires must be in good condition.  Subject to inspection by the racing board.  The boardís decision is final.
  1. All ATVís with car style seating must have a roll cage that extends above the riderís head and a safety belt.
  2. All ATVís must stay in the staging area while racing.  Wheelies, spinouts, and horseplay will not be tolerated.
  3. All riders must travel through staging and return lanes at safe slow speeds.
  4. All ATVís running at 4.99 or faster must wear motorcycle leathers or chest protector.  Riding pants are required, as are gloves and boots that go over the ankle.
  5. All disputes, including red light starts will be resolved by the event officials.  These assignments are announced at the drivers meeting.
  6. All board decisions are final.  Any further arguments may lead to disqualification.